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The geforce gtx 560 ti itself, aimed against the radeon hd 6800 series the geforce gtx 560 ti is based on a new gpu refresh, the gf114 silicon which features 384 shader processors, a 256bit gddr5. Radeon hd 7750 100% radeon r7 250x 100% radeon hd 5450 100% geforce gtx 1060 100% geforce gt 740 100% best overall performance under 35w. New pciexpress 3 cards have hit the market and include the nvidia geforce gtx 600 series, such as the recent gtx 680, and amds radeon hd 7000 series, including asus designed cards such as the radeon hd 7970 directcu ii, 7950 directcu ii and 7870 directcu ii as well as their top preoverclocked variants. N560gtxti twin frozr iioc graphics card msi global. Passmark video card gpu benchmark charts model list. Built on the 40 nm process, and based on the gf114 graphics processor, in its gf114400a1 variant, the card supports directx 12.

Amd radeon rx 560x laptop vs nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti. The nvidia gtx 1050 ti with maxq design is a power efficient mainstream gpu for laptops based on the pascal architecture and was announced in january 2017. Even with heavy voltage increases, the temperatures never rose above 80c. Cant get msi gtx 560 ti to work in pc, not being detected. The big change is that instead of gddr5, these new models are fitted with faster gddr6 memory modules, providing. Download all geforce drivers including whql, beta and legacy, by providing your system information. Graphics card the world leader in display performance msi global. Led sync that syncs with other evga rgb components. The card is very good in light gaming and in desktop use. It still falls behind the bonairebased cards in its price segment.

Msi radeon rx 560 2gb low profile 1175 mhz 1275 mhz 1750 mhz. While this article focuses on the geforce gtx 960, the guide can be used for virtually any modern graphics. Biostar oc gaming radeon rx 560 4gb gddr5 128bit directx 12 pci express 3. Xfxs radeon hd 6950 1gb takes on zotacs geforce gtx 560. In this article well take the msi gtx560 ti hawk edition for a test spin. As the worlds most popular gaming graphics card vendor, msi is proud to unleash the most powerful turingbased gaming graphics card onto the market. The length of the video card geforce gtx 1080 in the gigabyte version does not exceed 169 mm 20170904 dualprocessor video card geforce gtx 560 ti x2 20170827 sixteen skylakex cores and four geforce gtx 1080 ti a couple of fresh records 20170823 geforce gtx 1080 ti was able to overclock to 2898 mhz on the chip 20170815. A simple guide to overclocking your graphics card with gpu. Full support for geforce rtx graphics cards and geforce gtx 10series. Video card benchmarks over 200,000 video cards and 900 models benchmarked and compared in graph form this page is an alphabetical listing of video. The nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti is an older midrange gaming card from the early 2010s. All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only.

Gtx 590, gtx 580, gtx 570, gtx 560 ti, gtx 560, gtx 550 ti, gt 545, gt 530, gt 520, 510geforce 400 series. The geforce gtx 560 ti 448 was a performancesegment graphics card by nvidia, launched in november 2011. The 4th generation gcn architecture is engineered for gamers who play anything from the latest mobas to the most popular aaa titles. This is msi gtx 560 ti 448 with 1280mb oem version that is only available in asia.

For maximum performance msi has overclocked the card out of the box at no price increase compared to the reference design. Submit it using gpuz to extract and upload your bios. Msi announces new geforce rtx 2080 ti gaming z trio featuring mighty fast memory. Visual representation of the products may not be perfectly accurate. Nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti specs techpowerup gpu database. The msi gtx 1080 ti gaming x 11g scored 12,877 in 3dmark fire strike extreme easily eclipsing the founders edition 1080 ti by almost 5% and giving a lead of almost 23% over an overclocked gtx 1080. Taipei, taiwan as the worlds most popular gaming graphics card. Again though, for a 60 w board, the geforce gtx 750 ti does pretty well.

Titan, geforce gtx titan x, geforce gtx titan black, geforce gtx titan z. Makes games more immersive by enabling you to play across multiple screens for an eyepopping gaming experience. List of available different version drivers for nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti and windows 7 64bit. Msi gtx 560 ti hawk specs techpowerup gpu database. Added support for geforce gtx 560 ti 448 cores, geforce gtx 460 v2, nvidia quadro nvs 420, nvidia quadro nvs 450, nvidia quadro fx 380 lp.

With up to 5x the directx 11 geometry processing power over competing gpus, geforce cards designed and built by nvidia dominate the competition and offer amazing game. Tested asus gtx 560 ti directcu ii gpu overclocking session. Original stock bios nvidia geforce gtx 560 techpowerup. New oc scanner for finding the best stable overclock.

The geforce gtx 560 ti was a performancesegment graphics card by nvidia, launched in january 2011. Product specification, functions and appearance may vary by models and differ from country to country. Card dimension mm weight card package directx version support. Gtx 1050 vs gtx 750 ti test in 6 games i3 7100 youtube. Msi s geforce gtx 560 twin frozr ii comes with msi s own cooling solution, which does a great job at keeping the card cool.

Synchronizes the display refresh to your radeon rx series gpu for the fast, smooth gaming. In addition to three gtx 670 dinosaurs, gtx 680 and gtx 690 luck to escape, all the kepler card from the gtx 660 ti back down wearing short circuit board, looking hard to love. Powercolor radeon rx 560 2gb red dragon oc axrx 560 2gbd5dhv2oc 1175 mhz. Free nvidia afterburner download nvidia afterburner for. Realtime wattage monitoring on supported evga graphics cards. Xfx radeon rx 570 rs xxx edition 1286mhz, 8gb gddr5, dx12 vr ready, dual bios, 3xdp hdmi dvi, amd graphics card rx570p8dfd6 4. Submit it using gpu z to extract and upload your bios. Nvidia gtx 560 ti twin frozr driver hanging even after. Home systeeminformatie gpuz windows systeeminformatie gpuz windows website. Radeon rx 560 aero itx 4g oc graphics card msi global. Free nvidia afterburner download software at updatestar msi afterburner is a graphics card utility that promises to help you monitor your gpu and bring it to its maximum performance. Rgb led control supporting graphics cards andor nvlink bridge. The gtx 1050 ti 4gb is nvidias latest pascal based gpu. The gtx 650 pe was designed by msi to have a longer longer circuit board, so it looks better on the eye.

This download includes the nvidia display driver and geforce experience. A refresh of the fermi based geforce 400 series, the geforce 500 series is a series of. On january 25, 2011, nvidia launched the geforce gtx 560 ti, to target the. Shows a detailed information about your video card. Nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti 448 specs techpowerup gpu. Msi gtx 560 ti twin frozr ii oc specs techpowerup gpu. Msi radeon rx 560 4gb low profile 1175 mhz 1275 mhz 1750 mhz. The 1050 ti has a tdp of 75 watts and is based on a new 14nm gp107 processing core which has approximately 66% of the key resources cuda cores, texture units, memory bandwidth and transistor count etc. Big performance in this card, people 3dmark time spy shows a strikingly similar result with the 1080 ti gaming x scoring 8,766, beating the fe. The card has age quite well and is comparable to an amd rx 550 graphics card.

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