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Its important to find a system that solves all the critical needs of property and evidence management. Keep your police evidence room organized with bar code technology. Does your police evidence software only focus on digital evidence management. Evidence management consultant gayla robison, a retired police property room manager, talks about the need for software to manage the chain of custody. Revolution police evidence room management and barcode software. Apr 17, 2020 notice in fiscal 2020, all state and local forensic capacity enhancement programs previously administered by nij, including this program, moved to the bureau of justice assistance bja. Ultra fast law enforcement inventory counting wisetrack.

A single pc in the property room can have a scanner attached to allow for the scanning of both evidence barcodes and user id barcodes. The pdevidence evidence management system ems makes quick work of auditing requirements and offers at a glance stats. The details of the evidence can include multiple reference data fields, photos, video clips and any other attached document. We all know how police officers want systems to work effortlessly and simple. Record evidence received and track a complete chain of custody the evidence management module simpli. Tracker has taken full advantage of todays technology to create the most advanced evidence management software on the market, safe. Evidence tracking software software is the backbone of any system and will determine what features and options are available. Everything about evidence management from police one. W hether an officer is assigned equipment for a permanent issue, longterm or just for the day, wisetrack record who has each item and log a transaction in the database wisetracks law enforcement asset tracking system provides a complete chainofcustody reporting system for all assets. A centralized database makes it easy to organize and track accountability for items such as. Create reliable records with an offtheshelf and singlesource database that offers small to midsize agencies a secure records management. Operating an evidence room can be very trying on custodians.

A fully dedicated video and image evidence management solution. Maintains accurate information in documents or databases of all property in inventory and the current location of the same following acceptable standards of chainofcustody requirements. Courts have upheld inventory searches on the theory that the police should be able to search the car to protect the owner from theft of any items in it, and to protect themselves from any claims of theft. The police module of the crime fighter beast can be fully integrated with the plc remote inventory software and the laboratory information management system lims. It is well suited to replace obsolete, singletask software packages or older mainframelegacy management systems. The revolution police evidence management system makes it easy for any size police or law enforcement agency to track and manage their property room using standard barcodes, barcode 2d or, rfid. Some options depend on the size and value of the items. Easily track department equipment or evidence free tracking system consult.

It provides law enforcement agencies an automated hybrid barcode and rfid system to manage and track any property and evidence including people, signatures, identity authentication, pictures and video. Aug 17, 2017 the government requires their own inventory systems and government software solutions to try and increase efficiency. Pmi evidence tracker is a powerful evidence management tool that. Police department evidence room has serious issues. Department inventory, assignments, traffic stop information every piece of the core mission of a police department falls under the policepro umbrella. Other areas included evidence handling and animal control. With rfid, wisetrack can also show who was last seen with the asset and when, a possible time saver. Empowered by the nice investigate investigation and police electronic evidence management system, your detectives will become more efficient and effective crimesolvers each saving 6 to 8 hours per week. Usa software law enforcement records management software. Nice investigate police electronic evidence management software nice investigate benefits and time savings. Barcode based evidence management software built by law enforcement. The system is an extremely valuable tool for maintaining evidence integrity and control, which is absolutely essential in the law enforcement community today.

Consisting of a family of applications that reside in one database the suite consists of software to manage physical evidence. Revolution utilizes a full featured rms style database which keeps track of property of all kinds, and the people that come into contact with it. The main concerns when deciding are how detailed of reporting is available and whether it supports batch or realtime updates. The equipment database tracks every piece of equipment your department owns, from shotgun end caps to helicopters. Policepro law enforcement software by steamboat data systems. Police software exhibita law enforcement software evidence management maintains chain of custody and evidence property rooms. Response some data inaccuracies are the result of the tiburon software.

Policepro also keeps track of your personnel, active warrants, and the due diligence your people are expending on those warrants crucial information on domestic violence cases. In 1989 quetel initiated the innovation in managing evidence and quartermaster inventory that is, today, traq suite. Erin technologys evidence software is simple to use, and produces outstanding results. The police bureaus property evidence division ped has the responsibility to. Portables, police gear, useofforce assets, vehicles and quartermaster inventory. Each piece of evidence is accepted and tracked manually, with only the help of a general incident reporting software that is not intended to be used for inventory. Evidenceonqthe property and evidence tracking software from fileonq, inc. Dont leave your officers under equipped and unprepared for their next call. Just because police budgets are on the rise in many major cities, that doesnt mean departments can be profligate in their spending. An inventory search doesnt require a warrant or probable cause, because it isnt supposed to be a search for evidence of a crime. Pdevidence evidence and laboratory management software. Nice investigate police electronic evidence management software.

Police officers and criminal investigators use evidence management. Our officers submit their evidence in 12 the time and our evidence techs process it into the inventory in 12 the time. Ensure your growing volume of data can be leveraged to its fullest potential through nextgeneration records and evidence management. Quetel corporation digital evidence management software. Evidence hound is a pcbased evidence software system that can run either on a single workstation or in a network environment. Evidence management system the benefits of using the crime fighter beast go beyond simply tracking property. Electronic evidence management technology police magazine.

Evidence hound barcode evidence tracking system general data. Agencies should use this guide to create or amend policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of the evidence and property process, protect the evidentiary value of property, and restore property to its owners in a timely fashion. See how inventory control works for you learn more about our product. Keep storage locations to a manageable size, so you wont be tempted to skip them because its too time consuming. Gain fast control of your inventory and stock levels with wasp inventory software. Add move audit report introduce your police evidence room to modern web technology. Modern police and law enforcement agencies need to collect, access, track, and assess evidence. Important items such as case evidence and swat team equipment routinely get checked out by officers daily, at a precinct.

Quetel corporation digital evidence management software dems. Find out more information and pricing on how ace can be the premier solution for your agency and help you manage your evidence room. Pmi evidence tracker is a criminal evidence management system and police chain of custody database that runs on microsoft windows. Traq is a secure, powerful, trusted family of police software in 1989 quetel initiated the innovation in managing evidence and quartermaster inventory that is, today, traq suite. The best evidence management software system evidence. Police software law enforcement software equipment. In june 2019, the police department sent a letter to the district attorneys office, saying it had lost 11 pieces of evidence, including fingernail clippings and traces of hair found on valencia. Erin, or evidence room information network, is a powerful and flexible software solution for managing everything in your police or sheriffs property room and evidence room. Save valuable time spent searching for inventory and respond to emergencies faster than ever.

Erin technology provides the department with fast and accurate data collection and control for tracking and maintaining our property, evidence and inventory. Retention monitoring is key to prevent the unnecessary storage of evidence and property linked to expired cases. Evidence tracking system for physical and digital evidence. The software programs were originally developed by a veteran detective and crime analyst with extensive input from patrol officers and detectives with years of. Traq is a secure, powerful, trusted family of police software. Crime fighter beast bar coded evidence analysis statistical. Policepro law enforcement software by steamboat data. Police software for law enforcement evidence tracking.

Police property evidence division police offi cers have several options for submitting items for ped storage. R i automates police property and vidence management. The evidence tracking solution from birmingham, alabamabased mcm technology is a standalone software program for police, sheriff, and fire departments. The project that grew to become pd evidence began in my department. Police department budgets are finally rising, but is that a. Empowered by the nice investigate investigation and police electronic evidence management system, your detectives will become more efficient and effective crimesolvers. From evidence tracking software to field reporting tools for law enforcement, usa software has the solutions that work.

Evidence can be bagged and tagged with a unique bar code which can be stuck to a container or affixed in a variety of ways. Gautier police department sak inventory, tracking, and. A barcode evidence system designed by cops for cops. There is a crucial need for the integration of a software based sak tracking system with barcode printing and scanning technology. The complete system comes bundled with barcoding hardware that includes one or more barcode label printers and barcode scanners to make your evidence warehousing a breeze. Bja has released the fiscal year 2020 solicitation fy 2020 sexual assault forensic evidence inventory, tracking, and reporting safeitr program.

The evidence management module records changes in the location, status, and custodian of evidence items, providing a detailed history from the time an agency receives an item. Inventory and purgingautomating evidence management enables agencies to track the quantity of items flowing in and out of a property room annually. A secure database stores customized details of individual items for a complete overview of evidence inventory. The crime fighter beast bar coded evidence analysis statistical tracking system is a laboratory information management system lims specifically designed for forensic crime laboratories and. The program was designed by cops for cops to dramatically reduce their workload by providing an automated control system for managing evidence and property. The best evidence management software system evidence and. Mobile computer evidence is located anywhere from the field to the evidence room. These items are collected each business day by ped staff. City police departments are responsible not only for their officers, theres collected evidence, vehicles, and equipment they use daily. Agencies using other evidence tracking methods owe it to themselves to give pd evidence a look. Research, locate, and gathers evidence for police department personnel. Evidence management solutions evidenceonq evidence software. Law enforcement officers play a vital role in maintaining order and public safety amongst a wide variety of communities. The evidence is then scanned into a storage inventory location until it is checkedout for use or sent somewhere.

A recent policeone survey revealed a wide range of methods used to keep track of these vital supplies, from paper records to spreadsheets to software specifically designed for police inventory. Police management software helps solve the common problems faced by law enforcement with a combination of intuitive software, powerful configuration, and the latest in iot technologies. Sexual assault forensic evidenceinventory, tracking, and. Evidence tracking system chain of custody software. Evidence management solutions evidenceonq evidence. Data technologies develops software for police departments, law enforcement agencies, the military and security companies. Together, these products provide you with a complete computerized. Our solution streamlines and enhances an organizations ability to import, store, view and manage digital evidence from body worn cameras and any electronic source. Design and print barcode evidence labels or any other barcodes used within the. Evidence management consultant gayla robison, a retired police property room manager, talks about the need for software to manage the chain of custody sponsored by quetel by rachel zoch, policeone. The aggressive development, based on user feedback, makes it one of the most dynamic software solutions we use. Items of relatively small value can be left in storage lockers at the precincts. Our evidence tracking software safe is more than just barcodes and inventory control, its an. Easily track expensive assets from handcuffs to police cruisers.

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